The many health benefits of Botox injections

Celebrities have been honest about their Botox injections. Not only have they admitted to using this kind of treatment, but also they strongly believe that it is effective. And who can blame them? Botox treats lines and wrinkles, completely restoring the youthful appearance of the face. Millions of Botox injections are administered each year in Birmingham, so it is safe to say that Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. Contrary to popular opinion, Botox injections are not entirely cosmetic in nature. As surprising as it may seem, Botox treatments in Birmingham have many health benefits. Are you curious to find out more? If yes, keep on reading.


Excessive sweating

It has long been believed that Botox treatments are good only for improving a person’s appearance. At present, we know for sure that this is not the case. Scientific researchers have discovered that the neurotoxin produced by the botulinum toxin helps with excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Botox treatments help when antiperspirants or oral medications do not. The neurotoxin blocks the uptake of acetylcholine, one of the many neurotransmitters that order the muscles to contract. When it is injected, Botox paralyses the sweat glands, not the muscles. Practically, the message telling the glands to secrete sweat does not pass. If you have problems with excessive sweating, you should try Botox injections.


Botox injections can also be used as a migraine treatment. Scientists have not yet discovered how Botox manages to treat migraines. They have though reasons to believe that the drug stops the sensory nerves from sending the pain message to the brain. The effects of Botox on migraines were discovered by accident, when people had the treatment for cosmetic reasons. What is more, the neurotoxin helps the muscles relax. Botox treatments can prevent migraine from happening. The injections that are administered  prevent t8 to 9 headache days. Adults suffering from chronic migraines should really think about getting botulinum toxin injections.

Severe neck spasms

An involuntary tightening of the muscle in the neck is painful to say the very least. Besides the fact that the pain is intense, it can last for hours and even days. If you have severe neck spasms, then you probably know what it is like. Over the counter pain relievers help with severe muscle spasms, but they lead to addiction. If you do not want to become dependent on pain medication, give Botox injections a try. The neurotoxin weakens the spasms and helps relieve pain. Botox treatments are not the standard form of care, but they are worth trying. They are not dangerous, as is surgery. After all, important health organizations approve of them.

It is clear that Botox injections have many non-cosmetic uses. The next time you hear about someone getting Botox treatment, do not condemn them. They may not be undergoing the therapy to enhance the way they look. They may just be looking for relief for their medical problems. As a matter of fact, you should be doing the same thing.

Young women and netball – How this sport influences their personality

Young women and netball – How this sport influences their personality


Girls seem to know the same pattern of development nowadays they did in last decades as well. Moreover, if they are a single child, over protective moms and dads might cut their independence and enthusiasm at a young age, and they might develop in spoiled little princesses. If you don’t want to fall in the same toxic parenting patterns like others, you might want to encourage them to get involved in a team game such as netball. Playing social netball in London has proved to be quite a great method to combat spoiled behaviour in both boys and girls. But let’s see how it can influence a girl’s development.

It helps them become less self-centred

She is her daddy’s little prices. Her mother gives her all the things she couldn’t have when she was little. However, they both contribute in creating a self-centred human being that fellow colleagues will despise due to this behaviour in school and later in life. In netball, there is no “I”. There is a “We” and all team members must contribute to the team’s well-being. There is no star of the show, other than the team as a whole. She will become more aware that while she is an important part of a team, helping it succeed, she is not everything that matters. Her colleagues matter equally, without them no accomplishment being possible.

She will learn to take responsibility of her actions

Cheaters get caught in netball, and she’d better learn that from the beginning. There are no excuses, there are no others to blame for her actions, and all these will make your precious little one more aware about the impact of her actions. Parents in their tries of helping out their daughters oftentimes amputate responsibility. However, she must learn that all actions have consequences, and just as she wants to be praised for the good things she does, there is another version for this.

Decision making aptitudes that count

Short time, fast game. This is how netball could be described in four simple words. Your indecisive girl might help to develop decision-making aptitudes. Between the moment she catches the ball and her move, there are left three seconds. In those three seconds, she must assess the game conditions, find her colleagues and make her move. Being able to work under pressure never hurt anybody.


Stop believing these myths on hypnotherapy! They are not true!

Stop believing these myths on hypnotherapy! They are not true!

The main reason why myths and misconceptions on hypnotherapy exist is because people do not entirely understand what it is all about it and how it works. This only makes a hypnotherapist’s work a lot more difficult, since many people are susceptible when it comes to the benefits that some professional hypnotherapy Birmingham sessions may have on their mind. Here are the most popular myths on this form of therapy that everyone should stop believing.


#1 – people can be hypnotised against their will

One of the most popular misconceptions related to hypnosis and hypnotherapy is that you can get hypnotised against your own will, which is definitely not true. You should know that hypnosis induces a relaxed state of mind, so in order for one to be hypnotised, it is necessary that person to cooperate and to let the hypnotherapist do their work.

#2 – you cannot hear what the hypnotherapist is saying while you are hypnotised

Many people equate hypnosis with the state of deep sleep, so they believe that it is impossible to hear someone talking if you are asleep. As it was previously mentioned, hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind and in order to reach this state the hypnotherapist has to say certain words to you and guide you through this process, which can only be done through talking.

#3 – it is possible to remain stuck in the hypnotic state

There is no evidence that one has ever remained stuck in hypnosis, so this myth is definitely not true. A professional and experienced hypnotherapist knows exactly what to say in order for you to come out of this state relaxed and refreshed.

#4 – you are going to make a fool of yourself in front of the therapist

Many people are afraid to resort to the services of a hypnotherapist due to the many videos and TV shows they have seen with others being hypnotised and making a fool of themselves, but this is not what hypnotherapy is about. This form of therapy is used to treat various issues people face on a daily basis, such as stress, pain or addiction.

#5 – it is dangerous

Scientists have made it clear that hypnotherapy has no side effects and presents no threat to one’s mental health. on the contrary, just as it was already mentioned above, it is a great method people can resort to if they want to get rid of stress, improve their sleep or get rid of bad habits such as drugs, gambling, smoking or drinking.

What benefits can one to one counselling bring to you?

What benefits can one to one counselling bring to you?


In the past couple of years, more and more people who needed counselling therapy resorted to one-to-one sessions instead of group sessions, since they believed this method brought them more benefits compared to the group therapy for instance. If you are looking for professional services on one to one counselling in Bristol, start with some online research. Here are the main advantages that come with selecting this method instead of group therapy.


Obviously, one of the greatest benefits that come with one to one counselling therapy is related to confidentiality. Clients who resort to this form of therapy do not have to worry that a third party will learn about their issues, since everything will remain between them and their therapist. This is the best solution for people who feel ashamed of their issues and want to be treated without anyone else to know about them.

The attention is entirely focused on the client

In group therapy for instance, the therapist has to listen to each client at a time and then provide a general opinion or advice that would fit everyone. In one to one sessions on the other hand, the therapist focuses his or her attention entirely on the client, thus understanding better the specific issues of the client and coming up with an individualized approach in order to help the one in need.

The client chooses the pace of the therapy

In one to one sessions, clients get to choose the pace of the therapy, which is definitely a great advantage. The counselling is tailored to the client’s needs, which means that it can be either sped up or slowed down, depending on their preferences. What is more, clients also have the chance to select the time for their therapy sessions that is convenient to their daily schedule, something which is harder to find in group sessions for example.

The client-therapist relationship is much stronger

There are many studies that show that one to one therapy has proven to be much more efficient compared to the group one and this happens due to the fact that the relationship between the therapist and the client is much stronger in the first case, which is considered a key factor in the success of therapy intervention.

All in all, these are some of the greatest benefits that come with choosing one to one counselling instead of group counselling therapy.


Growing healthy, happy children – Things you should pay attention to

Growing healthy, happy children – Things you should pay attention to


Growing happy and healthy children has never been easy. There are many coordinates you must pay attention to and many can influence our children’s perception on lifestyle and family life. Also, for growing healthy children you must find proper diets, supplements, preferably natural ones, like Algaecal Plus for minimizing the chances of becoming ill or developing a variety of health issues. For more tips that might help you succeed in your journey, you can follow the tips below.

1. Go for healthy, less processed food

Diet is the most important factor when it comes to our children’s health. However, the entire family must follow a healthy diet, since children tend to mimic their parent’s food habits. Drastic diets are not necessary, and not even recommended. Try instead less processed foods, cooked at home, with healthier products. For instance, you can replace vegetable oil with olive oil. Reduce the quantitates you use it in, and the first step to a healthier lifestyle is already made.

2. Natural vitamins and supplements

Of course, supplements are essential for children’s development, but natural ones seem to do even a better job. They lack the chemicals usually involved in their composition, they are made entirely from natural elements. This assures higher rates of assimilation and they have faster results. Moreover, natural calcium supplements, for instance do not create deposits in internal organs, like those chemically produced.

3. Make them become more physically active

Exercise is a great part of growing healthy children and happy at the same time. If they acquire this habit at an early age, chances of preserving it throughout the time are higher. This way, not only they will develop to be strong and healthy, they will also remain this way for the rest of their lives. Also, practicing sports also improves their character, makes them more humble, develops attributes they will find useful later in life, such as team spirit and multitasking.

4. Treat them as adults and they will grow into responsible ones

Many avoid giving their children different easy tasks. However, it is necessary for them to learn at a young age how important managing different household chores is. For example, have them help you as you prepare their favourite dessert, have them take the garbage out or teach them how to cook. This way you can make sure when leaving home for college, for example, they won’t be handicapped from this point of view.

Calcium – a mineral essential at every age

Calcium – a mineral essential at every age

The majority of people ignore to take calcium supplements because they consider that they would take the needed amount of minerals from the foods and drinks they consume daily. But the fact is that very few from the aliments you are consuming daily contain a high amount of calcium, and in the majority of cases people are dealing with a lack, and they do not know until they do not experience side effects. Also, some people state that they would not take calcium supplements because they are afraid of Algaecal side effects, but the fact is that you would not experience any of them if you are taking the supplements according to the doctor’s prescription, and you respect the recommendations of the provider.


What role has calcium for your body?

This is one if the crucial minerals your muscles, heart and nerves need to properly function. In case you would have an inadequate calcium quantity in your body, it would contribute to the development of disorders as osteoporosis. A low calcium intake would lead to high fracture rates due to low bone mass, so you should avoid this by taking calcium supplements, when your diet is not rich in minerals.

How much calcium do you need according to your age?

Infants between 0 to 6 months would need 200 mg per day of this mineral. The ones who are older than 6 months, but do not have a year old need 260 mg per day. From 1 year old to 8 years old, children would need between 700 and 1000 mg per day. The children older than 9 years old, and who have not turned 18 yet need 1300 mg of calcium daily, and after this age, the quantity would decrease to 1000 mg until 51 years old to females and 70 years old to males. After these ages, they would need 1200 mg of calcium daily.

When you should take calcium supplements

There are cases when you have troubles in getting enough calcium from the aliments you are eating daily, so you should consider taking supplements in this situation. The amount of supplements you would have to take would depend on the quantity of minerals the aliments you are including in your diet contain. There are different supplements on the market from which to choose, so you should carefully read their reviews and decide which one of them is better for your needs.

A Few Interesting Statistics About Alcohol Abuse

A Few Interesting Statistics About Alcohol Abuse

Over the last decade, private alcohol rehab clinics in the UK have experienced an important spike in the number of individuals seeking advice and assistance. But at the same time, the big picture regarding both alcohol misuse and abuse and the consequences of it seems to be getting more and more worrying with every passing year. One of the issues is the way the messages that seek to communicate the dangers and risks associated with drinking are to some extent contradicted by the fact that alcoholic drinks are available 24/7 and have never been more affordable. When something is so cheap and so easy to get hold of, one automatically assumes that it must be to a large extent safe.

And indeed it could be, but only if consumed in moderation and sensibly. Which it seems is something that millions of people across the UK just aren’t doing. The statistics of hospital admissions associated to drinking and the alcohol-related deaths are increasing all the time, with no signs of things slowing down in the near future. The simple fact is that nobody can force a member of the public to be proactive and take better care of their wellbeing – it will always come down to personal choice.

To help illustrate the point a little, here is a short overview of a few key statistics about alcohol-associated crime and treatment in the UK:

1 – While very few UK individuals honestly believe their drinking habits are problematic, the NHS argues otherwise. In reality, official figures from the National Health Service suggest that around 5% of women and a terrifying 10% of men show at least some symptoms and signs of alcohol dependence.

2 – Studies have shown that fewer than 7% of people who would benefit from professional help actually seek the assistance they need.

3 – Between the years 2011 and 2013, the number of individuals in the UK receiving assistance for alcohol abuse or dependency grew by only 1%. During the same period, the number of alcohol-related injuries, accidents and deaths in the UK increased by double digits.

4 – In the average year, around 76, 000 UK individuals begin alcohol treatment courses. It’s commonly assumed that rehabilitation and alcohol treatment are the kinds of programs that are accessed by a few people and very rarely, though in fact, thousands of people begin treatment every week.

5 – Estimates show that for each £1 the United Kingdom invests in rehabilitation programs to fight alcohol dependency and abuse, more than £5 is saved on welfare, crime and health costs.

6 – According to recent estimates from the UK government, crime associated directly with alcohol costs the UK a £11 billion every year. Additionally, it was confirmed that close to 70% of all violent crimes happen during the dark hours of the day, with around 50% taking place at weekends. Almost 20% of all violent offences happen in or in the vicinity of pubs and clubs.

7 – Unbelievably, around 20% of people who fall into the bracket of binge drinkers declare having committed some kind of crime while intoxicated during the past 12 months. This is in sharp contrast with the 6% of light drinkers who stated the same, along with 3% of those don’t drink at all. The correlation between crime and alcohol consumption having never been more pronounced.

8 – Stronger deterrents and harsher penalties might be having an effect, but driving under the influence is still a huge problem in the UK. During a single year, driving drunk is the cause of 10,000 casualties, resulting in over 200 deaths that could have been prevented.

9 – When polled, the average UK individual admitted to be largely unaware of the details of UK law when it comes to driving under the influence. Along with no knowledge of the legal blood alcohol limits, most people were also completely wrong when it came to the alcohol amount they could consume and still get behind the wheel in a legal sense.


Men’s hair loss: the best solutions for this problem

Men’s hair loss: the best solutions for this problem

Nowadays, it is very important to look good because people make an opinion only by looking at you. It is said that women are the most interested in this concern, but men are also very stressed when it comes to their appearance. A very common problem that seems to be impossible to solve is hair loss. Men feel so embarrassed because this health problem appears so early and it influences a lot their aspect. It is horrible to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see that your hair is not as densely as it was some months ago. To be honest, hair is very important because it makes you look younger or older, depending on how dense and healthy it is. However, some solutions exist but not all of them are efficient. Using a hair loss treatment can be very useful if you know what to choose. This is why people have to be very careful when they buy any type of beauty product. Men always make shopping on the rush, but they sometimes regret the fact that they bought the first product that they saw.


The principal causes for hair loss

Unfortunately, the causes for loosing hair are numerous and it is impossible to avoid some of them. The principal cause that lead to this problem is that the hair grows slower after a certain age and it is a heredity problem. It is nobody’s fault and it is something which can’t be stopped because this is usually related to a strong genetic link. It is frustrating for a young man to suffer from baldness because during time they will have a U-shape on their head instead of looking handsome. However, it shouldn’t be a tragedy because you are not responsible for this if the cause is purely genetic. The great news is that you can have hair regrowth treatment consisting in some pills and it works on 90 percent of people. Another cause is simply the fact that you are becoming elder and it is normal both for men and women to lose some hair. The volume decreases only because it grows slower and slower. It is not good to hide this problem only by wearing a hat because you can take a proper treatment or maybe decide to make a transplant.

You should have a healthy lifestyle

If you have problems with your hair, maybe you are one of those people who forget to take care of their alimentation because their life is too busy. But it is so wrong to do that because you can meet some complications. It is very possible that you don’t have sufficient nutrients and iron deficiency only because you don’t know how to have an equilibrate diet. In this case, it is recommended to eat more proteins and fresh vegetables that contain iron but also zinc. It is also good to have a healthy lifestyle and to respect a very well organized schedule which can permit you sleep 8 hours every night. The stress is a big factor too when it comes to baldness because many people have business or family problems that lead to a stressful life, full of anxious moments. If you want, you can pay more attention to those stressful periods and see if your hair is affected. If the answer is positive, it means that you simply need to get rid of stress and find some methods that will help you relax.

Be more careful with the products you buy

It is recommended to read the label every time you buy some products that get in touch with your body. Not just the food has to be fresh and healthy, but also the beauty products that you use every day. Some ingredients can be very risky for your health and it is possible that you don’t know which is good and which is bed. This is why you need to talk to your doctor because he can explain you better what to buy. However, you shouldn’t buy something that contains sodium sulfate, sodium chloride or parabens. Unfortunately, if you have a serious problem and you are afraid that you will become completely bald, it means that you need to use a professional treatment. Many people were satisfied after using a special treatment based on minoxidil and you can find it even as foam or as a liquid solution. If you want to look young and healthy again, you need to make something in order to have a beautiful and dense hair.

Drink more water every day

If you want to feel better, you should start drinking more water every day. If you do this, you will observe that you will feel more relaxed after a while because it is essential to be hydrated. Moreover, drinking water will be great for your hair. The explanation is very simple because your scalp needs to be healthy and free of dandruff. It is true that you don’t feel thirsty very often and this is why you don’t drink big quantities of water, but you should force yourself to drink a glass of water from time to time. You should drink about 8 glass of water every day, but if it is summer and it is very hot outside or maybe you make some sport, it is recommended to drink even more. It is also important to try to avoid drinks that contain caffeine because they will dehydrate you a lot even if you are not making effort. However, if you feel that you can’t give up coffee, maybe you can minimize the doze gradually.

Final thoughts

If you do all this things and change your lifestyle into a better one, you will manage to regain your self-esteem because your hair will be dense and shiny again. You can forget about baldness if you use some special treatments and change your diet and mood. If you don’t do that, you will see that this problem will appear again and this is so bad after struggling so much.