Insomnia – Beating a Common Anxiety Side-Effect

Insomnia – Beating a Common Anxiety Side-Effect

Knowing when and where to find counselling in Kent when battling anxiety is important. While anxiety and stress represent normal and natural parts of life, they have the potential to be nothing short of debilitating for some people.  Stress and anxiety tend to bring in-tow a wide variety of physical and psychological symptoms, which can have a highly detrimental impact on the lives of those affected.


One of the most common symptoms associated with anxiety is insomnia. It tends to be a case where those affected find themselves in something of a cycle that is difficult to break. The fact that they are suffering elevated anxiety makes it difficult for them to sleep – the fact that they are getting insufficient sleep increases their anxiety levels further and so on. Suffice to say, it can be an incredibly difficult cycle to break, though has the very real potential to continue getting worse if left unaddressed.

Which is precisely why it is crucially important to be proactive when it comes to such matters, rather than simply accepting them for what they are and doing nothing about them. As far as the experts are concerned, there are various ways and means by which insomnia as a side-effect of anxiety can be addressed – often without the need for professional intervention.

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief overview of 10 most important tips, with regard to improving sleep habits and quality of life as a result:

  1. First of all, it is important to get into a regular habit when it comes to the approximate time you go to sleep each night and the time you get up each morning. Over time, your body and mind will become instinctively trained to sleep easier and better if you establish a routine, rather than simply sleeping and getting up randomly.
  2. Never overlook the importance of creating the best possible environment in which to sleep, when it comes to the quality and amount of sleep you can expect. Your bedroom should be relatively cool, as dark as possible and with minimal distractions that may prevent you from sleeping.
  3. The same also goes for your choice of bed and bedding – the quality of which will make an enormous difference to your own sleep quality. While it’s safe to say that premium bedding and bedroom supplies can be expensive, they can also have a significant impact on your sleep.
  4. One of the best ways of shaking off a great deal of stress and anxiety from the day and in doing so promote a good night’s sleep is to exercise. Regular exercise is great for body and mind alike, just as long as you don’t indulge in exercise too close to lights-out as this can actually make it more difficult to sleep.
  5. Unsurprisingly, it is generally inadvisable for those struggling with their sleep patterns to indulge in stimulants like caffeine. Contrary to popular belief, the effects caffeine has on the body can actually continue for as long as 24 hours – they don’t wear off just as soon as that initial ‘buzz’ goes away. As such, it may be advisable to consider cutting caffeine out of your daily regime entirely.
  6. Just as going to bed hungry can make it extremely difficult to sleep, so too can overindulging before going to bed. The harder your body has to work to process the food, the more difficult you are likely to find it to get a good night’s sleep.
  7. Think about getting into some kind of habitual bedtime ritual, in order to prep and ready yourself for a good night’s sleep. Whether it is taking a bath, reading a book, making a milky hot drink or anything else that’s good for relaxation, it could make a big difference.
  8. Unless you have been specifically advised by a professional, it may be in your best interests to stay away from medication and supplements. Even in the case of those that are completely natural and safe, you may find yourself in a position where you can only relax and sleep well if you have a readily available supply on-hand.
  9. If you find yourself lying in bed for hours on end completely wide awake, it is far more productive and beneficial to get out of bed and distract yourself. The more time you spend lying there worrying about the fact that you cannot sleep, the less likely it is that you will actually get any sleep at all.
  10. Last but not least, it’s always worth remembering that there are plenty of professional counsellors and service providers standing by at all times, to offer their own advice and guidance when it comes to both anxiety and insomnia.
Things you didn’t know about calcium

Things you didn’t know about calcium

The importance of calcium is known to many people, although they might not have any medical formation. However, the latest studies show that public awareness is not enough for people to incorporate more calcium-rich foods into their diet. A whopping 90% of women and 70% of children suffer from hypocalcemia, which triggers the need for safe and effective supplements from companies like AlgaeCal Inc. Without calcium, the human body would not function properly and conditions such as osteoporosis and rickets may instill. This mineral is important is vital for everyone, but all the more so for children, teenagers and post-menopausal women.

Calcium may extend life expectancy in women

A study conducted by the McGill University in Montreal and published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism shows that women who took the recommended daily amount of calcium (both from food and dietary supplements), lived longer than women with hypocalcemia. In this study participated more than 9000 women in 9 Canadian cities, between 1995 and 2007 and the women with increased life span consumed up to 1000 mg of calcium per day.

Some vegetables have more calcium than dairy

Many people are convinced that dairy is the main source of calcium, but there are plenty of vegetables with higher calcium concentration. For example, a glass of milk has 300 mg of calcium, whereas of 200 grams of green cabbage can give you 350 grams. Spinach is also rich in calcium – a small serving can give you up to 300 grams. Other non-dairy calcium sources are sardines, fresh orange juice and tofu cheese.

Hypercalcemia may cause cardiovascular diseases

Wishing to avoid calcium deficiency, many people eat too much dairy or take calcium supplements uncontrollably, without prior medical approval. As it turns out, this can be more harmful that hypocalcemia. A 2013 study published in the British Medical Journal shows that excess calcium can increase the risk of heart diseases by 50% in women and 20% in men. These percentages were obtained from subjects who took more than 1400 mg of calcium from tablets rather than natural food sources.

Recommended calcium intake varies depending on age and sex

No everyone has the same calcium requirements. These vary depending on age and sex, so you should not assume that a prescription that works for you will be just as healthy for your grandparents. The lowest calcium requirements are for babies and children (270 mg babies, 1000 mg for children aged 9-11) and the highest requirements are for teenagers, men over 70, pregnant women and women going through menopause, who should consume up to 1300 mg of calcium. Men and women ages 19-50 should have an intake of maximum 1000 mg of calcium/day.

Whether you have decided to take calcium supplements to have a balanced diet or because you suffer from a health condition, it’s essential to establish the right dosage. Supplements such as AlgaeCal are known to be very effective and not cause any side effects, but ask a doctor for advice beforehand to make sure you get the right quantity.

How to pick a daily facial cleanser

How to pick a daily facial cleanser

While some people have beautiful skin, others have to carefully take care of their skin in order to look flawless. People who suffer from acne in particular have to dedicate a little more time to their beauty routine. They have to use a facial cleanser in order to get rid of grime, dirt and impurities. It is thus clear that it is of the highest importance to have a good skin care routine. A beauty routine does not start with just any ASAP skincare online products, but with the right facial cleanser. The only issue is that there are numerous facial cleansers to choose from. So, how are you supposed to make the right decision? It is not about choosing one product over the other, but rather choosing one that is right for your skin’s needs. This article explores how you can choose the right facial cleanser for you.

What you should know about cleansers

Women cover their face with makeup on any given day in order to hide small imperfections or simply to feel good about themselves. What they are totally unaware of is that removing the makeup at the end of the day is simply not enough. For good hygiene, you should be using a facial cleanser. This cleaning product removes dead cells off your skin and ensure that your other skincare products work at maximum performance. However, you should not use just any skincare product. It is needless to say that you should not use a cheap over-the-counter cleanser on your face. If it is really important for you to have beautiful skin, you should spend a little more on high-end brands such as ASAP.

Know your skin type

Skin type is the most important factor to take into consideration when selecting a facial cleanser. Not all products are created equal, which means that the product your friend is using may not be suitable for your skin type. Using the wrong facial cleanser can contribute to your problems. Harsher cleansers, for instance, may cause irritation. Basically, you should look for a product that matches your skin type – normal, oily, dry, sensitive or combination.

Oily skin. Oily skin is often caused by hormones and if it is not deep cleansed, the dirt and oil will not be eliminated. You can use foaming and cleansing gels. They will eliminate all possible traces of makeup, they will unclog your pores, and eliminate dirt and bacteria. They are so good that they will not cause irritation.

Dry skin. If you have dry skin, you have to look for a formula that will hydrate your skin. Finding a facial cleanser that is gentle but can still eliminate dirt is tricky, but it is possible. Consider creamy washes, milk cleansers and oil-based washes that lock in moisture.

Sensitive skin. You will need a cleanser that has just the right amount of moisture and does not irritate. Additionally, look for a soothing oil.

Combination skin. If your skin is neither dry nor oily, you need a cleanser which removes dirt and moisturises. Instead of using separate cleansers, you should find a gentle cleanser.

Keep a journal

Unless you use your products for a minimal amount of time, you will not get good results. The fact is that you will try a combination of facial cleansers before finding one that you will be happy with. This is why it is necessary to make keep a journal or at least write some names down. The list will come in handy when you will have to make comparisons.

Non-surgical cosmetics – which are your options?

Non-surgical cosmetics – which are your options?

As much as you try to protect your skin from damage and harmful elements, you cannot change the passing of time. What you can do is prevent premature aging through a healthy life style and also correct imperfections as they appear, using professional help. Your forehead, the area around your eyes or mouth and your neck are normally the most affected, because of repeated muscle contractions and gestures (smiling, crying or frowning).  Time will definitely leave marks on your complexion, but while ages ago there were not too many treatment options available, nowadays things have changed. This means that it will not be difficult to find the most suitable alternative for you. Fortunately, today there are plenty of dedicated clinics, such as Centre for Surgery, offering a wide selection of specialised treatments and products. These are wither surgical or non-surgical, less invasive, and are intended to provide you with healthy and beautiful skin. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Anti-wrinkle injections

No matter how much you fight it, common facial expressions and repeated muscle contractions will leave marks on your skin. Probably the easiest and most popular treatment recommended by experts is represented by injections consisting in Botox solutions.  These have revolutionised the dedicated industry, providing patient with great rejuvenation effects in a short period of time. The solution is inserted under the skin, thus relaxing the muscles and removing fine lines from the forehead, the area around the eyes or mouth or even the neck. Botox is the most popular neuromodulator and these injections can change a tired or angry face expression into a joyful, neat and revitalised one. Talk to your doctor and choose this solution for a smooth and younger complexion.

Chemical peelings

If you feel that your skin needs a deep cleansing treatment, then rest assured because a specialised cosmetic surgery London clinic can provide you with the most efficient such procedures. The therapy involves deep exfoliation and is normally recommended for complexion that has been damaged by sun, skin conditions (such as acne or strange pigmentation) and thin wrinkles. Some delicate chemical peeling sessions will do the job, but keep in mind that they have to be performed exclusively by an expert. In addition to this, make sure you do not submit yourself to the procedure too often, because you will end up removing healthy skin cells.

Scar treatments

Whether you have suffered a surgery or you have been the victim of an accident leaving a scar on your skin, this is no longer a problem. Of course, for severe scars you need to talk to a cosmetic surgeon, but more superficial tissue damage can be repaired through a wide variety of non-surgical procedures. Steroids, silicon application or pressure are only some of the methods used by experts in order to leave your skin healthy and trauma free. However, scar revision involves a series of stages which need to be respected accordingly in order for the patient to obtain successful results.


Things you should know about dental implants

Things you should know about dental implants

Dental implant procedures have come as a great solution for people who have suffered from a tooth loss and desire to regain the natural beauty of their smile. The loss of one or more teeth can be caused by trauma, dental surgery issues or decay, but nowadays, specialists can offer you a functional alternative to your natural teeth structure. If you find yourself in this situation, then you need to know a thing or two about dental implants. Because it is important to be well informed, before choosing this type of procedure, here a few things you should know about this topic:

What are dental implants?

A dental implant procedure involves surgically positioning a metal frame or post into the jawbone, beneath the gums, and later mounting artificial teeth onto them. The procedure is a simple as it sounds, but needs to be performed by a fully qualified and experienced specialist. The first question you are probably asking yourself is if this procedure would be the best option for you. To be able to choose this type of procedure, you need to have adequate bone and healthy gums, which have the role of supporting the implant. After being consulted by a specialist, you will be able to know if the procedure is right for you.

What are the advantages?

As you are probably already aware, a dental implant procedure offers patients many advantages. The implants preserve the overall integrity of your teeth, saving adjacent teeth, they improve oral cavity functions and probably most important of all, they will improve the appearance of your teeth, which is the reason why so many people opt for this procedure.

What should I expect?

When it comes to dental implants, you need to understand that there is an entire process involved. A single appointment at the dentist’s office will not be sufficient for the entire procedure. There are a few important steps along the process. At first, you will need to undergo a complete dental exam, which may include an x-ray as well. Your dental provider will come up with a treatment plan to suit your exact needs. The specialist will need to take into consideration the exact number of teeth that need replacement, but the condition of your jawbone as well. The specialist will advise you on what your teeth care routine should include after the implant. If you are interested in dental implants, you should discuss the topic with your dentist and comprehend all the aspects involved in the entire process.

As you can see, deciding to undergo a dental implant procedure can be your best option, giving you the opportunity to regain a beautiful and natural smile. If you have given this topic enough consideration, the first thing you should do is find a reputable dental clinic to offer you the services you require. Look online for options and make your choice wisely. Opt for an experienced and fully qualified specialist, who can offer you the much needed cosmetic dentistry services. Research the topic properly and find the right professional for the job.

What young people have to say about a doctor career

What young people have to say about a doctor career

Nowadays more and more people start studying medicine, some of them are passionate to help people, others want to bring something new in this domain, and a few ones do not have a certain reason. The fact is that Medicine is one of the colleges, which offer people a wide variety of opportunities. If you are not sure if medicine is a good career for young persons, you should know that the number of doctor jobs UK are increasing and you will benefit from many advantages. In this article, you will find the main reasons many people choose this career, so you will be able to see if it is the right college for you.


Doctors work with people

The ones who choose to study medicine are aware that they will have to work permanently with people, so you should choose this career only if you are a people person. Many of the students say that one of the primary reasons they have chosen this college is that they have the opportunity to work with people. This means that you have to have a great deal of tolerance for the ill, disabled and old persons, because you will have to work a lot with these type of people. During your studies, you will have to improve these skills and develop an affinity towards working with people, because when you will practice medicine you will have to interact a lot with patients, their families and other medical staff. However, a very important part of your training to become a doctor would be to learn not to form bonds towards your patients.

Great opportunities upon graduating

A great part of the students state that the main reason they consider medicine as a career is that they will have plenty of opportunities upon graduating. You can choose one of them or you can combine them in such a way to appeal you. After you graduate, you can apply for a position in a hospital, public health, science institutions or private practice. Whatever you choose, you will always have the possibility to change your direction, because during your studies you will learn the basic information about multiple domains. Yes, it is true that if you choose a unique domain, you will improve your skills and become a great doctor. However, there are cases when you discover in time, that you would like more to practice in a different domain, so you will have the opportunity to choose a different path, and find a suitable job in that certain one. Moreover, in case you do not see yourself in a certain position before choosing medicine, this does not mean that the things will not change. You have six years, to decide what position is suitable for you, and what you would like to do as a doctor. You also should know that some doctors do not practice medicine in a hospital, they cooperate with the judicial sciences and help authorities prove medical errors, and help patients in a different, but very useful way.

What to expect during your visit to the oral health therapist

What to expect during your visit to the oral health therapist

Because most people dread the idea of visiting a dentist, they often end up with problems that could have been easily avoided, had they not missed their annual visit with an oral health therapist. Most people avoid going to the oral health therapist because they are afraid of undergoing painful treatments. However, because they choose to go only when there are in too much pain the treatments they need are often expensive and lengthy. To this extent, an annual visit to an oral health therapist can spare patients from a lot of future problems, not to mention that it will enable them to have a more beautiful and healthy smile. This is what usually happens during a routine oral health appointment:


Gum examination

Every dentist will first ask his patients if they have experienced any problems with their teeth, such as pain in contact with cold, hot or sweet food, bleeding during brushing, bad breath and so on. The answer to these questions will help him to detect any potential problems the patient might have. During the gum inspection usually the doctor carefully assesses the health of gums and decides if there is anything to worry about. If the gums seem inflamed or look suspicious, he will further look at what might be the cause. This examination is not at all painful, because the doctor merely inspects the gums, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Teeth cleaning and scaling

No matter how diligently we brush our teeth, inevitably plaque and calculus will gather, which is why doctors recommend an annual professional teeth cleaning and scaling. Depending on the amount of calculus that has gathered on your teeth, this procedure can be a little uncomfortable for the patient, but if you do it once a year, you should be able to do just fine. The teeth cleaning procedure is not painful and it can even be somewhat nice, especially if the dentist uses flavoured toothpaste. The best part is that after this procedure all patients feel completely refreshed. Their teeth seem much smoother, because they have been thoroughly cleaned by their dentist and they can even seem whiter, because often times it is the calculus that gives them that unhealthy yellow look. While scaling is not as effective compared to a teeth whitening procedure, this will give you some, but not as white results.


Oral hygiene advice

The last part of a visit to the dentist will include advice on improving brushing techniques as well as individual dental care instructions, depending on the need of every patient. These can include anything from the best toothbrushes to use and to anything that might help the patient maintain and improve the health of his teeth.


This is what usually happens during a routine visit to the oral health therapist and why it is so important to make an appointment every year and have your teeth checked by an experienced oral health therapist.

Preventing and treating liver diseases in dogs

If you are like most dog owners, then your pet has probably already become part of your family. For this reason, you have to be responsible for them and offer them the best conditions so that they can grow healthy. As same as humans, dog can get sick and are prone to certain diseases. For example, a common dysfunction is related to the digestive system: their liver, to be more specific. This organ is very important for your pet’s health, since it has a major role not only in digestion, but also in blood clotting, removing toxins from the system. This means that if the liver stops working properly, your companion will get sick. Fortunately, live conditions can be prevented, managed and treated if they are discovered in a timely manner.


Common causes of liver conditions

The most common cause of liver diseases is aging. Just like humans, dogs get old and this means their organism starts to encounter several problems, sometimes related to liver. Other reasons why your dog can get sick are genetics, infections or traumas of the subjected area. Besides these, improper medication (especially painkillers) can also affect the pet’s liver, as same as a bad eating diet. As far as external factors are concerned, bad food is the most popular element causing liver dysfunctions. Generally, a high intake of carbohydrates, fats or protein can be a real burden for your dog, taking into consideration that they digestive system is quite different from that of a human. The liver may be overwhelmed by having to process so many unfavorable elements and after a while it can even cease.


Symptoms indicating a liver dysfunction

Fortunately, liver conditions often announce their presence, so if you pay attention to your dog and its habits, you are likely to notice symptoms and take it to the vet in a timely manner. However, it is easy to miss signs, since they resemble to those of other illnesses, too. The most popular indicators may consist in unjustified weight loss, loss of appetite, diarrhea or vomiting, persistent thirst, confusion or lack of balance when walking and even seizures, if the condition has already become severe. Try to be as careful as possible and tell your veterinary about any irregularity, because if the disease is not caught early, it can lead to serious complications. The most common one is hepatic encephalopathy, a condition developing from the liver towards the brain.


Treatment alternatives

If the illness is in the incipit state, you can buy yunnan baiyao capsules for dogs – these are very efficient and deliver granted results. Besides this, make sure you take the pet to a specialized clinic, because advanced treatment varies depending on the reason that has caused damage to the liver. You can start by changing the pet’s diet, introducing supplements like milk thistle and giving them proper medication. All these should heal the dysfunction and improve your dog’s health.